President's Message

Dear Visitor,

A warm welcome to the NUS Economics Society’s official website! My name is Benjamin Lau, and I am the President of the 55th Management Committee, in office for the Academic Year 2017-2018.

This year, our Management Committee has 28 office bearers, each of them a passionate individual who seeks to give back to the student body. Each one of them devotes many hours behind-the-scenes, working hard planning events, preparing logistics, designing posters and contacting stakeholders; all to improve the lives of fellow students! Do find out more about these amazing people under the ‘About Us’ tab!

Benjamin Lau, 55th President of NUS Economics Society

Benjamin Lau, 55th President of NUS Economics Society

NUS Economic Society organizes an abundance of initiatives and activities yearly in order to value-add to the NUS Economics student body. Some of our initiatives include the freshman orientation camp, global Economics learning trips, a national economics challenge for pre-university students, a student-led Economics dialogue, and more! Do find out more about them in our ‘Events’ and ‘Special Projects’ tabs!

Lastly, every alternate Friday, a ‘Human of NUS Economics’, known affectionately as ‘HONE’ will be featured on our Instagram page! This person is usually a student, an alumni, or a member of the staff of NUS Economics, who has an amazing story to share, hopefully inspiring many other Economics students. Check them out in our ‘HONE’ tab!

If you have any queries, suggestions or intend to collaborate with us, feel free to write to our official society email at, or link up with me personally at Do check us out on all our social media as well! (Under ‘Contact’)


Yours Sincerely,

Benjamin Lau
55th Management Committee
NUS Economics Society