About Us


NUS Economics Society (ECS) is a student-led organisation which was established in 1961. Since then, NUS ECS has been constantly evolving and improving itself to cater to the needs of the NUS Economics student population. With a rich history spanning across more than 50 years, NUS ECS has evolved over the years to become a dynamic, vibrant Society with a strong dedication to help Economic majors keep up with a VUCA world. Since it’s establishment, the Society has served thousands of Economic majors and enriched the lives of many with career guidance workshops and a slew of fun, exciting student-centric events to help Economic majors create lasting memories of their undergraduate days. Today, the Society continues to work towards executing more meaningful events dedicated to improving NUS Economic majors career prospects and welfare.



To be a leading Academic Society which value-adds to every Undergraduate Economics Student in NUS.


ECS believes in holistic growth for our Undergraduate Economics students, regardless if they are Single Major, Double Major, Double Degree, Joint Degree or Minor students. ECS adopts a growth mindset, streamlined into our four mission pillars.


Being an Academic Society in essence, we provide platforms for students to discuss their academic interests and to ignite the passion of learning Economics. We also liaise with external organizations which organize Economics seminars to fully unleash a student’s academic potential.


Upon graduation, every Economics student in NUS will plunge into the working world. ECS aims to provide necessary training, exposure, and networking opportunities to groom students to tackle career-related challenges.


Meeting new people and making friends is a staple of university life. From freshman to a graduating senior, ECS aims to provide opportunities to make friends through our various events and camps.


ECS is all about giving back to our fellow Economics undergraduates, and we are always looking for new ways to give our students the best possible welfare. Do look out for our giveaways and happenings to maximize utility.